ADJ Mini Laser Micro Image RGB

ADJ Mini Laser Micro Image RGB

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The Mini Laser RGB from ADJ creates wavy geometric laser patterns that are sure to amaze your crowd. Utilizing 15 built in programs and a sound active mode, the Mini Laser RGB provides exciting light show entertainment that’s perfect for a club, bar, home, or mobile DJ setup.

When people imagined the future one of the key aspects of their imaginings involved lasers. In this modern era we have the technology to make lasers a part of our world in ways they could never imagine. Be apart of this future with the Mini Laser RGB from ADJ. Party goers and festival junkies these days carry an affinity for lights, lasers, geometrical patterns, and anything and everything psychedelic; the Micro Laser RGB provides all of these in one small device. You’ll be amazed by all the new features you’ll be able to bring to your light show productions with the Mini Laser RGB, and so will your crowd. Create a futuristic atmosphere that party goers aren’t soon to forget, with a light show entertainment unit that will have heads turning. Light up any night with geometric laser light with the safe, easy, and portable Micro Laser RGB by ADJ.

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