Soundbarrier SBLA-15 15" Three Way, Tri-amp, Array Module
Soundbarrier SBLA-15 15" Three Way, Tri-amp, Array Module

Soundbarrier SBLA-15 15″ Three Way, Tri-amp, Array Module

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The Sound barrier SBLA15 is a line array enclosure that combines innovative horn loading techniques with line array technology to produce a very powerful line array enclosure with maximum dynamic impact. It is a 3-way, full-range system and may be used without subwoofer for many applications. Where very low frequency extension is required, an SBLA15 array will integrate seamlessly with the SBLA28RSUB in a fully horn-loaded 4-way configuration. The proprietary rigging system of the SBLA15 is quick to deploy and allows a wide range of array curvatures to be achieved. The SBLA15 columns are hinged at the front for gap free HF coverage. Inter-cabinet angles from 0° to 8° are set by a rotating splay bar at the rear of the enclosure. The 8° maximum splay angle allows tight curvature at the bottom of the array, obviating the need for dedicated down fills. All cabinet rigging hardware is integral and remains captive in transit.
The low frequency section of the SBLA15 is comprised of comprises a horn loaded 15″ / 4″ voice coil driver that is reflex loaded to extend the LF output to below the natural cut-off point of the horn. This bass horn technique combines the very high efficiency of horn loading with the extended low frequency response of a reflex enclosure.

The mid-horn of the SBLA15 utilizes two 8″ / 2″ voice coil drivers to produce 108dB at 1 meter for a 1W input. The dual 8″ mid-horn geometry and short, toroidal donut phase plug work together to maintain a low curvature wave front and wide 90° horizontal coverage pattern of the mid frequencies right up to the 2.5kHz crossover point.

The SBLA15 HF section is comprised of four 1″ exit compression drivers that couple very smooth horizontal HF pattern control with the high efficiency (112dB/W) required for very long throw applications.



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