Soundbarrier SBLA-210 Dual 10", Two Way, Bi-amp, Array Module
Soundbarrier SBLA-210 Dual 10", Two Way, Bi-amp, Array Module

Soundbarrier SBLA-210 Dual 10″, Two Way, Bi-amp, Array Module

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The SBLA2I0 is a compact line array enclosure designed to bring superb next generation line array performance to concert, theatre and
commercial events. It meets the need for a high power; high bass impact system that is versatile and scalable for a very wide range of
applications in the live sound, corporate and fixed installation fields. SBLA210 grids allow systems to be flown or ground stacked as required.

Though compact in size, the SBLA2I0 is a full-bandwidth system and may be used without subwoofers in many applications. Where
additional low frequency extension is required, the SBLA2I0 can be complemented by ground stacked horn loaded subwoofers.


The SBLA2I0 is a 2-way system that combines line array principles with innovative horn loading techniques to produce a very powerful
compact line array with impressive dynamic impact. The low frequency section of theSBLA2I0 is comprised of dual 10″ /3″ (75mm) voice coil
driver that is reflex loaded to extend the LF output to below the natural cut-off point of the horn. This horn load technique marries the very
high efficiency of horn loading with the extended low frequency response of a reflex enclosure.

The SBLA210 HF section is comprised of one 1.4″ throat, 3″ (75mm) voice coil horn element to produce a low-curvature vertical wave front
with an efficiency of 113dB @ 1m for a 1W input. This optimal HF curvature enables the SBLA210 enclosures within the array to be
splayed up to 8° without introducing gaps in the HF vertical coverage.

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