Yorkville C120P 80w, 5-inch / tweeter

Yorkville C120P 80w, 5-inch / tweeter

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The Coliseum C120P is a high-end installation speaker, featuring specially treated drivers and a sculpted ABS plastic enclosure. This compact powered speaker is ideally suited for many applications: commercial installations, home theatre, home stereo, mobile applications, reference monitor, personal stage monitor and can even be used outdoors.

The C120P is a bass reflex enclosure with a tuned port and a 5″ woofer, which provides improved bass performance over conventional 5″ woofer enclosures. Removing the press-fit grille gives access to the eyeball tweeter, which can be swiveled to suit various listening positions. The C120P will handle 80 Watts of continuous music and is accurate from 75 Hz to over 19 kHz.

The C120P is designed with integral key hole screw-slots for the provided metal U-bracket, which allows it to be angled up, down or sideways depending on the mounting orientation. The C120P is shipped with a mounting U-bracket and all the necessary hardware for installation applications. It comes standard in a low-reflectance black finish with a matching, perforated metal grille and can be painted to match its surroundings.

The amplifier section has easy to access volume, bass and treble controls, TRS balanced ΒΌ-inch inputs; 1/8th-inch TRS stereo inputs are mounted on the rear panel. An innovative 1/8th-inch TRS stereo link output is provided for true stereo operation when using two C120P’s.

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