Yorkville NX300P 15-inch / 1.4-inch - 300 watts
Yorkville NX300P 15-inch / 1.4-inch - 300 watts

Yorkville NX300P 15-inch / 1.4-inch – 300 watts

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The new NX300P offers exceptional value in a 15-inch and horn active loudspeaker cabinet. The biamped 600-watt (Peak) power module has efficient, easy to use controls making the NX300P the ideal solution for many applications.

Effective High / Low EQ, XLR balanced microphone input as will as an XLR / TRS 1/4-inch balanced combi-jack line input on the power module means the NX300P can be easily connected to any source and quickly EQ balanced for the room. An XLR balanced line output allows multiple NX300P’s to be linked together for use in an array or for easy distribution around a large room when used as repeater cabinets.

The NX300P enclosure, like all cabinets in the NX loudspeaker line, has been molded for maximum versatility. The trapezoid box is ideal for mounting in arrays, or for use as a monitor cabinet with well-protected inputs and controls.

The NX300P can easily be used in any orientation, and close to walls, floors and in close arrays with multiple cabinets. Particular care was taken designing the components to reduce extraneous heat production.

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Weight 51.5 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 22 x 15 in

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